Goji Berry Benefits

The Goji berry is often considered to be a super-food due to the many different benefits it has on your body. It is one of the most nutritionally rich foods on the planet and is known to cure many different types of conditions. In China, the goji berry or 'wolfberry' has been used as a natural medicine for many years. Here are some of the benefits:

Vitamins and Minerals
Goji Berries are extremely dense in nutrients and phytochemicals. They contain 21 trace elements, one of which is the germanium, an anti-cancer trace mineral rarely found in foods. They contain an amazing 6 essential vitamins and 5 carotenoids. And most impressively, the goji berry also happens to contain 18 of all 22 amino acids, including all 9 of the essential amino acids. These amino are important to take into your body, as they are the building blocks for a vast array of proteins.
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Immune Boosting

The goji berry super-fruit also contains natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compounds. Their powerful antioxidant properties work brilliantly for keeping your immune system strong.

A Healthy Heart
Goji berries contains high levels of beta-sitosterol, which help to lower cholesterol levels by inhibiting the absorption of cholesterol in your intestine. It also prevents cholesterol from oxidizing and attaching to your arterial walls.

Goji berries are a powerful food, as the sesquiterpenoids found inside these fruits actually increase the production of the human growth hormone. The increased intake of carotenoid that comes from eating goji berries is also believed to increase your maximal lifespan potential.

These are some of the reasons why the goji berry is commonly used in various health supplements and why they are very popular. Goji berries can also be used in desserts, smoothies and main dishes. Recipes can be found on the net that use the goji berry, so if you are interested in in cooking foods with this super-fruit, I recommend searching for one.

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